Kiss Kiss: A Restaurant To Make Out With

Kiss Kiss is a Thai inspired restaurant located in Mt Eden. This is where I did something that I’ve never done before. I went to the same place two nights in a row. The first night I got a feel for the restaurant and experienced the kissing stage. AKA I basically got a teaser taste of the restaurant and later decided I hadn’t explored enough on the menu. Therefore went back the second night to explore the other parts and get the full makeout experience (by ordering multiple mains). This is how what was originally supposed to be a one night stand turned into a two night affair. (Wow I’m dramatic).

interiorThe first thing I noticed upon entering (other than the crowd) was the aesthetics. The neon lights on the wall and the comic book/video game style graphics makes this a key spot for the ‘gram.


Both days I went were a weekday (Monday night and Tuesday night). I thought it wouldn’t be that busy this early on in the week. I was wrong. Both nights there was a 30–40minute wait for table.

Pro Tip: Arrive waaaaay earlier than what you originally planned. Otherwise you’ll just be waiting in queue. It’s basically like when you’re thirsty af, see an attractive guy and want him so bad. But he’s too busy with other people to notice you (in this case, the other customers). Then when he finally does get to you (aka you finally get a table) you guys hit it off. (Wow I was really trying with that one).

Night One

Thai style pork belly bun

The first night I got to feel the buns. They’re all decently sized but if you’re looking for a full meal then go for a noodle or rice dish. Personally, the bun left me wanting more food because it didn’t fill me up as much as I expected. The Thai style pork belly bun comes with som tom salad, peanuts and mint.

“I don’t know how to describe the pork. It’s just so good” — Sara

Free range lemon grass fried chicken bun

The bun I ordered contained free range lemon grass fried chicken, sriracha mayo, white cabbage and pickled red onion. The filling that stood out to me the most was the fried chicken because it was super crunchy and crispy. As someone who loves crunchy, crispy food (fries, pastries etc), it was a win in my books. I could just eat that chicken all day by itself.

Speaking of fries, I can usually finish a serving of fries by myself but once the fries arrived I realised why they were under the “Shared” section of the menu. I can validate that the Thai style french fries with sriracha mayo are definitely meant for sharing. At one point I felt I spent more time eating the fries than my actual bun. (Also I am in love with sriracha after this experience ❤ brb, buying a bottle of sriacha to take with me to all restuarants).

Night Two

Pad Thai Thamadaa (vegetarian)
Pad Thai Thamadaa (chose vegetarian)

The second night is when things really started to heat up. The vegetarian option of the Pad Thai Thamadaa consisted of thin rice noodles, peanuts, tofu, egg, garlic, chives and bean sprouts. If you want to go the non vegetarian route you can choose between chicken or prawn. My favourite part was the peanuts (because crunchy) and they brought the flavours of the whole dish together.

Phad Si EwThe Phad Si Ew consisted of large stir-fried rice noodles with kai lan, egg and soy, with pork. Luckily I was hungry because it was a very good serving size. Usually I would go for the Pad Thai but in terms of noodle dishes but I definitely preferred Phad Si Ew over the thin rice noodles this time. Plus I had to add my new favourite ingredient — sriracha — for that extra spice.

Larb (vegetarian)
Larb (chose vegetarian)

I didn’t know what to expect from the Larb as we ordered the vegetarian version consisting of tofu. But even this with all the aromatic spices, herbs, fried shallots and garlic was delicious. The sticky rice it was served with was definitely one of the highlights of the dish.

Overall, the dishes complimented each other. I loved the vibrant colours of the serving plates and table layout. Definitely a place to go to for those ‘gram worthy flat lays. Even though the serving size of the noodle dishes was filling, I still wanted more because it was just that good. That’s how you know it’s a restaurant to make out with.

(Note: this was written in January 2018 so the menu may differ now)


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