Bryson Tiller | Concert Review

Logan Campbell Centre

My only wish going into this concert was that I hoped Bryson would play more songs from his debut album Trapsoulthan his recently released second album True to Self. This seemed to be a shared wish among the fans who were around me. Luckily our wish was granted. 

The first half of the show, I was filled with a rush of excitement as he played his hits Don’t, Exchange, Sorry Not Sorry andRun Me Dry. These were all songs the crowd knew the lyrics to and could sing along. At times the hype was low when Bryson played newer songs because I feel the crowd didn’t know many of them.  I was curious to see if he would play songs that he’s featured on such as Wild Thoughts, and as if he was reading my mind, he played it! The visuals on the screen behind him and the lighting brought the whole show together. The blue, purple and pink strobe lighting beautifully supported the transition of moods from soulful to straight out dancing. 

I thought theconcert ended unexpectedly as I was left wanting more. As he grows as an artist, next time I hope he gets the chance to play a bigger venue with larger production opportunities. Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere and you know you’ve had a good night when you’ve lost your voice by the end of it. 

Overall 3.5/5.

Note: This was originally published in Debate magazine


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