Don’t Sleep On Toronto Artist anders

 The city that gave us Drake, The Weeknd and Nav now blesses us with anders. This Toronto singer-songwriter is here to carry on the legacy of the six music scene. His music covers themes such as relationships, loneliness, figuring out life, and basically emotions anyone in their 20’s would be going through.

The 23-year-old released his first EP in 2017 titled 669 (named after 669 Studios where he recorded most of his work). The production featured Grammy-nominated producers FrancisGotHeat and LUCA. He delivers R&B, trap soul vibes that make you either reflect on your relationships or want to float away and block out everything while he serenades you. Diamonds and You For You were the breakthrough tracks on 669 which got him featured on Spotify and Apple Music lists.

In an interview with Noisey anders confirmed that trouble with the law pursued his interest in music. “Trouble” which led to him not being able to travel to the United States. Something he brings up on Diamonds “Still I can’t go to the states / What a shame, what a shame”. (Note: looks like this no longer applies because he’s been taking trips to L.A. to record music).

Earlier this year, his second EP Twos was released. Stand out tracks include Bad Guy, Changes and Rain. For someone who didn’t start singing until he was 21, anders’ music makes it sound like he’s been in the game for a while.

His YouTube comments consist of comparisons to The Weeknd with fans wanting him to get signed to XO, the Canadian record company founded by The Weeknd himself. At the moment it looks like he’s going to stay with his NST (No Small Talk) team and has teased new music is on the way.

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(Image: anders Instagram