Gucci Mane links up with Kpop artist Jackson Wang in ‘Different Game’

Yet again we have been gifted with a collab that no one could have called. Gucci Mane and Jackson Wang? When, where, how did they link up? This year really has been the year of East meets West. Wang, member of the Kpop group GOT7 has been branching out into the Western music scene following the likes of Jay Park and Kris Wu who also started off in Kpop groups. Earlier this year Wang dropped solo singles Fendiman and Dawn of Us. This is his first single with a big feature, and it’s turning out to be a Different Game for sure.

The video, filmed in Shanghai shows Wang is unstoppable. He has an enormous truck with Team Wang printed on it (recurring theme in his music videos), a tiger in a cage and a badass looking squad who could f*** you up anytime anywhere. He’s then shown catching a private jet (which also has Team Wang printed on it) to Hawaii where he links up with none other than Gucci Mane himself. Gucci Mane decides to spit some bars while hanging outside the private jet. Check it out below. Take a shot every time you see the words Team Wang.