RÜFÜS | Concert Review


When Aussie band RÜFÜS announced a second show after tickets for their Friday show sold out, I was ecstatic. Dragging a friend who had never heard any of their songs with me, I was pumped and buzzing with excitement. Somehow we managed to get in front and experience the energy of the band up close. 

Tyrone (vocals, guitar) started off by mentioning the Auckland rain and how he would try to change that by bringing sunshineinto our lives. He did not disappoint. This concert was not for the faint hearted, the lighting was out of this world and could have easily given anyone epilepsy. It felt like we had all been transported onto another planet where our only mission was to get lost in the music with no other thoughts entering our minds. The only colour’s that existed were pink, blue, white and yellow in the form of psycho laser lights that danced along to every beat. 

We were all in a hypnotized trance by the time the highlight of the encore You Were Rightcame around. If sunset’s had a sound, they would sound like RÜFÜS. I didn’t want it to end, I couldn’t get enough of RÜFÜS.  

Overall 4/5.

Note: This was originally published in DEBATE mag


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