Jaden Smith Releases ‘The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story’

On the anniversary of his debut album SYRE, Jaden Smith has dropped The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. Smith describes it as a homage to Cool Tape vol. 1 and Cool Tape vol. 2.

“It’s almost like how Star Wars is like Han Solo but it’s like a Star Wars story…so this is not Cool Tape vol. 3 but a Cool Tape Story” 

The album consists of eleven tracks. It’s a reflection of Smith’s romantic relationships, experiences of life in LA and fame. Highlights include SOHO which on one hand has you picturing yourself driving a car in slow mo in the deserts of California and on the other wanting to go to SOHO. Plastic changes up the tone with it’s aggressiveness – this is definitely one to get turnt up to like Icon and Ghost. It also looks like his next music video according to his tweet (below). On one of the shorter tracks Better Things, Smith sings about a girl whose on another level from him and and has better things to do than check her messages. Rollin Around not only wraps up the album but also leaves you rolling around in your feels. Overall, it’s the perfect summer soundtrack for any sunrise or sunset.

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(Image: Jaden Smith Twitter)