A$AP FERG | Concert Review


You know it’s going to be a wild night when all the girls in the mosh pit around you are falling over. A$AP Ferg and a microphone was all that was needed for a crazy night at the Powerstation.  The atmosphere definitely made you feel like you were a part of a mob with A$AP Ferg as the leader taking you back to Harlem. Out of nowhere a bunch of people even jumped on stage and started Snapchatting themselves. Marty Baller, A$AP Ferg’s sidekick started the chant “Get the f**** off my stage” but he seemed to enjoy the attention. Some of my friends tried to get amongst the hype and jump on stage however the security was onto them and they were unsuccessful.  

Unexpectedly A$AP Ferg also put his own twist to popular songs by Missy Elliot and Schoolboy Q that got the crowd pumped.  New Level was no doubt the banger of the night. The set only lasted an hour, with no encore leaving me slightly unsatisfied with the abrupt finish. Overall, the concert was most enjoyable if you were in the middle of the mosh pit compared to standing on the outside. I give points for the hype that did not leave the crowd. 

Overall 3.5/5.     

Note: This was originally published in DEBATE mag


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