Post Malone Lollapalooza | Concert Review

It was one of the hottest days out. By the time we got inside the only sensible thing to do was wait at the Bud Light stage for Posty to come on. We somehow managed to get to a decent spot to kill time for an hour or so until he came on. Shoutout to the guys I made friends with while waiting, honestly made my whole Lollapalooza experience.

While waiting lots of guesses were being thrown around on whether he would bring out any special guests, if he would play Jackie Chan and the most important question – what song he would open with. All the guys around me were preparing themselves for I Fall Apart to come on (bruh, who hurt you?). Posty opened with Too Young and the crowd went wild. Honestly this was the set to be at. By far Post Malone was the highlight of my whole Lolla experience. Everyone was ecstatic that he played songs from his new album, Beerbongs & Bentleys. Definitely one of my favourite albums of 2018 by far.

Better Now – Post Malone @ Lolla

Better Now and Psycho aka songs of the summer went off. Then it was the moment all the guys around me had been waiting for – I Fall Apart. Posty introduced it as “This next one goes out to a girl who broke my heart. Fuck that B****.” Which got the crowd chanting “Fuck that B****.” Before performing Paranoid he discussed drones and how easy it is to be watched by everyone in this social media age #relateable. Congratulations ended up being a shot at all the people who doubted him before but now according to Post all they say is congratu-fucking-lations. During Stay he sat down with his guitar and serenaded us. It was beautiful. Candypaint was one of my personal favourites. He shutdown his show with Rockstar and White Iverson. At one point Posty even destroyed his guitar on stage – that was wild.

The scenes in the crowd were magical. Everyone was having a good time, singing along to every word. The sun was setting in the background next to the beautiful Chicago skyline. It was all picture perfect. Some people tried to start mosh pits but guys Posty is not that type of show, chill.

Overall, seeing Post Malone honestly made Day 2 of Lolla for me. Especially since I missed Day 1 because of my flight cancellations and delays. I wish he played Zack and Codeine, and Jackie Chan – somehow they’ve become my most played songs of the year. But after seeing him live, I left satisfied. It was everything you could have wanted and more. He played his old stuff, new stuff and all the hits. If everything else sucks, it doesn’t matter because I got to see POST MALONE! This is one artist you need to see live. Wherever you are, get those Post Malone tickets you won’t regret it.


(Note: this is a repost)


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