SCARLXRD Is Coming To New Zealand

SCARLXRD is headed to The Powerstation on Wednesday 5th December. The former British Vlogger started out by creating comedic content and dance videos under the name “Mazzi Maz” on YouTube before deleting it all to focus on music. This may sound like a risky move but has worked out for him. Before going solo as SCARLXRD he was in the alternative rock band Myth City. Now as SCARLXRD, he has built his own empire with his music video for Heart Attack accumulating over 47 million views. SCARLXRD’s sound can be described as loud, aggressive, metal, trap, rage. This makes his live shows as wild as those of XXXTentacion, Travis Scott and Lil Pump.

He has recently performed at festivals such as Reeding and Leeds Festival in the UK, Lollapalooza Paris and WOO HAH! If his past performances are anything to go by you’re in for a wild night.

Grab your tickets for his only New Zealand show here and get your mosh squad ready.

Listen Now 


(Image: Scarlxrd Twitter


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