25 Ways To Spot A FckBoi

We all know one or have seen them around.  However, at times they turn out to be the guys you would least expect. Basically it’s someone who doesn’t want anything serious and is just around to waste your time. You think things are going well, you both get along but then everything just starts going down hill. You’re frustrated, there’s a communication gap and you can’t figure out what the F is going on in his head. Here’s how to spot a fuckboi so you can drop him A$AP Rocky before you catch the feels (and leave his Yeezy’s at the door).

drake text gif

  1. Watches your IG story every single day, no matter how long it is.
  2. Replies to your IG stories out of the blue.
  3. Snapchat isn’t complete without a photo of his steering wheel showing the logo of the car he’s driving and the speed he’s driving at.
  4. IG consists of Drake lyrics as captions “imagine if i never met the broskissss” / “i only love my bed and my mom i’m sorry”.
  5. Hits you with the late night “U Up? / Where are you / Wanna come out / Wanna chill / Wanna hang / Up to you / If you want” texts.
  6. YZY SZN is the only season that exists.
  7. Kanye is god (even though he misses the old Kanye).
  8. Probably has a sneaker collection that includes Jordan’s.
  9. Will like all your IG posts but never talk to you.
  10. SUPREME!!
  11. Weekends consists of Snapchats going clubbing with his boys and getting drunk.
  12. Likes to change plans last minute.
  13. Can disappear for months and come back as if nothing happened.
  14. You met on Tinder.
  15. Doesn’t have time to reply to a text but can like 50 photos on IG.
  16. When he does reply it’s something like “my phone died” “work has been busy” “i didn’t see this” BRUHHHH we all know you’re on your phone 24/7 🙂
  17. Posts photos with some random girls every other week “just friends”.
  18. OFF WHITE!!!
  19. Sends you his Soundcloud link.
  20. You try to have a conversation like a normal human and he hits you with “Why are you being weird?”
  21. Only asks you to hang out when he’s out with his friends to show off to them that he’s got game.
  22. You always have to go to him.
  23. Snapchat is the main form of communication.
  24. He knows no personal info about you.
  25. Is actually insecure.

A writer, explorer and your number one hype girl. I love all things pop culture, sports, food and music. instagram.com/shar.leen

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