Flight Mode: Auckland To Queenstown On AIR NZ

Booked a last minute flight to Queenstown, here’s what happened in the two hours up in the air.

Flight Details

Auckland to Queenstown, Monday 19th November

Firstly, when we got to the airport it was crazy – turns out a lot of the morning flights to Queenstown had been cancelled due to the snow. There were ques of people trying to reschedule their flights and check in their luggage. Luckily our flight was in the afternoon so we missed the snowfall and also didn’t have any luggage to check in.

There’s one class on this domestic flight. The only extra thing you can add to your ticket is a checked in bag. Since ours was a short trip we stuck with the seat only option with the 7kg carry on bag. You can also pay $5 extra to pick your seat, since it was a short flight I didn’t mind getting a random seat.


The new safety video was played “It’s Kiwi”. Usually I enjoy the Air NZ safety videos due to their creativity however this was not one of the best I’ve seen. Heading to Queenstown, majority of the passengers on board were tourists. The Americans sitting in the row next to me made comments such as “What just happened” “Is it the 1990’s” after the safety video finished playing. The only other entertainment on the flight was the trivia quiz on the screen which I don’t think anyone was paying attention to.  Otherwise time went by fast and there were no delays due to the weather. The in flight air conditioning temperature was at a good level.

Food and Drink

Options for food included bbq chips, corn chips or a Cookie Time ginger nut cookie. I went with the ginger nut cookie – it was delicious, got me in the Queenstown winter white Christmas feels. For drinks there were only three options; tea, coffee or water. I got the coffee. Someone tried to order an orange juice but had to be told there was only tea, coffee or water on this journey. Maybe more drink options could be added, especially on the way to a top tourist destination. Flying domestic in the United States there are more drink options available. At the end there were also children handing out candy (something Air NZ is known for doing). All the rubbish was also picked up timely, whereas some flights take too long to do this.


Overall it was a comfortable flight, the staff was friendly and we got to the destination on time. The scenic views before landing makes it feel like you’re in a movie or living in a dream. It’s like you’re royalty being flown into your private getaway island. The excitement could be seen on everyone’s faces as we got closer to landing. You could hear the gasps as the views took their breath away. Rating: 4/5

(Images own unless otherwise stated) 


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