20 Songs With The Word ‘Drip’

Drip Too Hard? Came Thru Drippin? Are you really drippin’ tho? We’re not talking about raindrops or water coming out of a tap dripping. The word drip has taken on a whole new wave over the last few years . The same way you could have too much sauce or be iced out, now it’s just full on drippin’.  Here are some songs that use the word drip to flex the ‘fit, jewellery, cars, basically any expensive materialistic items.

1. Ric Flair Drip – Metro Boomin & Offset 

“Ric Flair Drip go woo” – one of the most iconic collabs.

2. Drip Too Hard – Lil Baby & Gunna

“Drip too hard” – is there anyone else who uses the word drip more than these two?

3. New Patek  – Lil Uzi Vert 

“And your girlfriend like my drip” – because that’s the only opinion that matters to Uzi.

4. Drip – Cardi B ft Migos 

“Came thru drippin'” – watch your step when all four of them come over or you might slip.

5. Drip Drip Drip – Meek Mill, Tory Lanez

“Big drip on me, ay” – Tory flexes at a fashion show in the music video.

6. 10 Freaky Girls – Metro Boomin ft. 21 Savage 

“All this drip on me, I need a mop” – brb buying a mop.

7. Coupe – Kris Wu ft. Rich The Kid

“Drip will make you blind” – oh, that’s why Kris has shades on at night in the music video.

8. Drip or Drown – Gunna 

“I drip like a model, watch how I drip” – Gunna back with the drip references

9. My Drip – Lil Baby

“Look at my drip, my drip, my swag” – when it comes to drip, Lil Baby isn’t so Lil.

10. Drip From My Walk – Famous Dex 

“I get the drip from my walk” – where can we learn to walk like this?

11. Get Dripped – Lil Yatchy, Playboi Carti 

“Shawty in love with my drip, woah, I get that drip you get dripped yeah” – now this is called teamwork, #sharethedrip?

12. New Drip –  YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay ft. Gucci Mane

“New drip, new drip” – none of that old drip allowed.

13. Glimpse – Havana Brown, Rich the Kid 

“Drip drip see my flex, yah (drip, drip)” – Aussie singer Havana showing us she’s got the drip down here too.

14. All About The Drip – Sauce Twinz 

“F drugs and bricks, it’s all about the drip” – issa movement

15. Drippin  – Future 

“I’m drippin’ on ’em baby, how you love that?” – don’t think anyone’s mad about it.

16. Pray For The Drip – Tee Grizzley ft. Offset 

“And I used to pray for the drip (pray), I used to pray for the drip (amen)” – looks like the praying worked.

17. Gimme My Respect – Lil Yatchy 

“I pick the drip, you get slimed (drip)” – it would be an honour.

18. Frozen Water – Belly ft. Future 

“All my diamonds drip, drippin’ like it’s water” – what a great simile.

19. Drip On Me – Future, Young Thug

“All this drip on me” – where’s ours?

20. Rarri – Lil Mosey 

“Ice drip like water, and it’s in the rain” – we finally have a rain reference!