Halo Top Is The Best Thing To Happen To Ice Cream

When it comes to ice cream it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t have an unnecessary amount of sugar dumped into it while also satisfying your cravings without making you feel guilty for eating it. During my time in the States, all my friends recommended I try Halo Top. A low calorie ice cream (between 280 to 360 calories per pint) that also contains a source of protein. In the beginning I didn’t believe the hype – how can an ice cream be low in calories, taste good, have a decent protein ratio and not make you regret eating it afterwards? I was hearing similar feedback from other people that it was so good that they would end up finishing a whole pint in one go and it’s okay because the calories are not outrageous.

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So there was only one thing left for me to do. Try it. I headed to the supermarket with the mission to buy ice cream. I would usually stay away from the ice cream area, firstly because I’ve had experiences where the ice cream is so sweet it just ends up sitting in the freezer for months because I didn’t like it and secondly just to stay away from unnecessary consumption of junk food – if I don’t buy ice cream then there’s no ice cream to eat out of boredom.

First thing that I noticed about Halo Top is that the calorie per pint is the main graphic in big bold numbers on the front. How many other ice cream brands do you see advertising the amount of calories and using it as their main selling point? None that I know of. I picked the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavour. This is on the high end of their calorie scale with 360 calories. Some other flavours include; birthday cake (280 calories), chocolate (320 calories), peanut butter cup (320 calories), sea salt caramel (320 calories), and candy bar (360 calories).

Taking my first bite, I definitely noticed how light in weight the ice cream is, along with the absence of of the feeling that you’re stuffing yourself with straight sugar. The chocolate chips are also a good size, you know they’re there but not taking over the whole ice cream experience. The creators of this ice cream are angels no doubt.  My friends were not exaggerating when they mentioned eating it all in one sitting, because I ended up doing the same. Plus there’s no need to feel bad about eating it due to the low calorie count compared to other ice creams of the same size. I’ve also tried pairing the ice cream with chocolate cake, gingerbread cookies and pancakes. I’m happy to say it was a good addition to each without overpowering the taste or making it sweeter than it needed to be. That low calorie marketing has worked on me and after trying it for myself it is worth the hype. I know the next time I buy ice cream I’ll be saying ha-lo to Halo Top.


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