Murda On The Beat Cooks Chart Climbing Heat Only

Butterfly Effect, Motorsport, Nice For What, Portland, FEFE – some of the biggest songs out that all have one thing in common. They’re all marinated in the “Murda Sauce” aka produced by Murda Beatz. Born Shane Lee Lindstrom in Canada, Murda always knew he was different. The realisation came early while at school where he noticed he was left handed and all the other kids were right handed. Cutting paper with scissors was once a struggle for him but now making paper ($$$) is no longer an issue. After all, when Murda is on the beat, it’s not nice. So how exactly did this 24-year-old end up making beats for rap royalty and go on to receive the Spotify Secret Genius: Producer of the Year 2018 award?

Murda grew up playing drums and being inspired by his father’s rock music taste. As his own music taste emerged, Murda traded his drums for a keyboard and FL studio. He spent most of his time making beats and recalls spending Christmas and holiday season at home making beats instead of hanging with friends. To gain exposure he posted “type beats” on YouTube, used social media to message people he wanted to link up with and send beat packs to. At age 16, Murda decided to visit Chicago to network as well as spend time with Chief Keef and GBE. Later he discovered Migos on LiveMixtapes and got in contact with Skippa da Flippa through Twitter by sending beats hoping they would reach Migos. Turns out Migos ended up recording a song on one of the beats, resulting in him being flown out to Atlanta to produce more. Pipe It Up became the breakthrough track for Murda as a producer.

Working with the Migos, Murda picked up on their work ethic which required him to produce beats on the spot. This came in handy when playing NBA 2K18 with Drake where the idea for Nice For What came up. They had majority of the song done in 90 minutes. The song went onto hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is now 5x platinum. Murda previously produced Portland and No Long Talk for Drake on More Life and With You on Views. The list of artists that have used the Murda Sauce is iconic. Travis Scott, Cardi B, 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, French Montana have all had a taste of the Murda magic.

But will this Murda sauce run out? On Rap Radar, Murda mentioned the factor that keeps him going and continuously producing is that he’s not satisfied easily. For example after landing a #1 hit he didn’t feel like anything changed, people were telling him he should take time off and celebrate but this sounded strange to him. A break from producing for Murda consists of playing video games and watching interviews on YouTube. All he wants to do is create.  Along the way he’s also released personal music, Keep God First mixtape featuring big names such as Offset, Playboi Carti, Party Next Door, and 2 Chainz. In 2018 he also released collaborative mixtape Bless Yo Trap with Smokepurpp.

“Producers are the new artists” – Murda Beatz on Rap Radar 

To keep longevity he’s working with upcoming producers to launch their careers as well as have a team around him that continues producing the next big thing. It doesn’t end there – Murda has also launched his own merch line, has his own sandwich named after him at FatSalsDeli called Fat Murda and coming out with his own real sauce. Hopefully this way some of that Murda magic will rub off on us too.

(Featured Image: murdabeatz instagram)





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