25 Things That Happen At Every Music Festival

Festival season is here which means picking outfits, spending your savings on over priced drinks, crying over your favourite acts clashing aka having to pick whether you want to sing I Fall Apart with Post Malone or Bodak Yellow with Cardi B. Gather around, open up that mosh pit, we’re about to list things that happen at every music festival.

1. Telling your friends “I’ll meet you in there” but you never see them.

2. Once you finally get to the venue you have to wait 10 years in line to get in and if you have a bag add an extra 5 years.

3. Security will pat you down taking away anything that looks like liquid. The whole time you’re praying they don’t find the alcohol stuffed in your bra (yes your boobs are really that big).

4. Your phone is flooded with texts “where are you” “we’re by the sign” “come here” “no you come here”.

5. “Message Not Delivered”.

6. Your phone dies.

7.  Glitter everywhere. Seemed like a good idea at the time but it’s still coming out of your hair weeks later.

8. Realising you’re not going to see half the artists you wanted to see.

9. Sweat. Lots of sweat.

10. Some tall person will definitely come stand in front of you while you’re trying to watch the one artist you’ve waited all day for.

11. Random liquids fall on your face from all directions.

12. That one person watching all the performances through their phone.

13. If your IG story isn’t updated every minute did you even go?

14. Holding in your pee cos you don’t want to face the horror that is festival toilets

15. If you’re camping you realise your survival skills aren’t on the level you thought they were.

16. The one person who had the one job to bring that one thing – forgot to bring it.

17. End up spending your life savings on food and drinks.

18. Want food? Gotta wait in a line. Want drinks? Gotta wait in a line.

19. If you’re wearing white shoes, get ready for their funeral.

20. Lose all your friends. Join a new group as if you’ve known them your whole life.

21. Hook up with a stranger, at this point you have no fucks left to give.

22. Standing next to a group of teenage boys who think everything needs to be a mosh pit.

23. Let’s not forget the group that’s spent an hour in the same spot having a photoshoot for the ‘gram.

24. Blisters on your feet.

25. Everyone is on.

(Featured Image: Unsplash)

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