15 Burger Places You Need To Try In Auckland

You can never go wrong with a burger but finding the burger that satisfies all your cravings  – now that’s a mission. Here’s a round up of all the burger places you need to try in Auckland.

 Better Burger

Eat better by heading to Better Burger, it’s that simple. Order the classic cheeseburger with fries and a strawberry thick shake (you’ll be in heaven, thank us later). They also have a delicious mushroom burger if you need a vegetarian option. For those living the low carb life you can swap your buns with lettuce.

Tiger Burger

If you’re in the mood for Asian food but also a burger then Tiger Burger is the ultimate combination you’ve been looking for. Try the Kimcheese consisting of Signature-blend aged Taupō beef, sauteed kimchi, aged cheddar and gochujang mayo. Make sure to add the K-fries with kimcheese sauce, crème sauce and kimchi to your order too.

Happy Boy

With the steamed buns at Happy Boy you’re in for a whole different baoger experience. You can choose from NZ grass-fed beef patty, korean fried chicken or katsu pork if you’re feeling meaty. Vegetarian options include sesame tofu patty or a vegetable patty.  Don’t miss the shoe string fries with sriracha mayo, that’s a combination you didn’t know you needed. Also, we have to mention the aesthetics of this restaurant will give you many fire pics for the ‘gram.

Shake Out

Shake Out brings simplicity back to burgers. Their menu consists of a cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, chicken burger and veggie burger. They’re putting the fast back in fast food. You order your food on a touch screen, wait for your buzzer to buzz, pick up your food and you’re out of there. If you’re going to order fries you have to order the cheese fries – trust us you won’t want it any other way after this. Note: No alterations to the burgers can be made, it’s a set menu.


With burger names such as Bastard, Ford Freakout, American Muscle and Thunderbird, the burger choices are endless. New Years Resolution: try all the burgers on their menu. They also have delicious vegan and vegetarians options too so they’ve got your whole squad sorted. With your burgers you need to have their fries with special out of this world aioli and a thick shake. Life hack: For an additional cost you can get half kumara fries and half spud fries (mind blown) and their doofer for the burgers save you from making a mess. Legends.

Burger Burger

The classic burger options include beef, fish, vege, chicken, pork and lamb. If you’re feeling rebellious try something different with the new special – Hot Mexican. It consists of free-range spicy chicken breast, garlic prawns, fresh guacamole, tomatoes, cos lettuce, red onion, aged cheddar and paprika mayo. Of course, you need fries to go with the burger and even though their name is Burger Burger their fries range is pretty impressive. Whether you prefer shoestring fries, kumara chips, curly fries or onion rings you are sorted.

Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen

If you’re having one of those days where you can’t decide between butter chicken or a classic burger – guess what you can now have both at Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen. Consisting of chicken, butter chicken sauce, mint yoghurt, chutney slaw in a brioche bun, this sounds like the move for those crazy cravings.

Al’s Deli

You may know this Canadian deli for their bagels but they also do burgers. Check out their classics such as the Al burger, pulled pork burger or buffalo chicken burger. But if you’ve ever wanted to have a burger for breakfast and not be judged for it then they’ve got your back with the Breakie Burger special consisting of bacon, egg, herbed potato cake in a brioche bun.

Burger Boy

Forget being good, at Burger boy you gotta go with the Bad Boy Bubby. Consisting of 160g Grass fed NZ beef, cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, iceberg lettuce, red onion, pickle, burger boy relish, hot boy sauce and mayo, that’s a whole meal for those late night munchies.

The White Lady

This is the place to be at the end of a night out. You can trust this place to be open and deliver the goods. Beef patties is what they do best so why not go all out and order The White Lady herself. She comes to you dressed in a beef pattie, scotch steak, melted cheese, bacon, fried egg and pineapple. Add the hot chips or ice cream shake and you’re living your best life.

Lord of the Fries

If you’re vegetarian, vegan or having a meat free day Lord of the Fries is all you need. You can’t go wrong with the original with ingredients such as a mock beef patty, cheese, lettuce, pickle, Belgian Mayo, mustard and ketchup. If you’re looking for something different check out the poutine burger with gravy and cheese-laden fries, veg beef patty, onion and garlic mayo. With fries in their name you know your order is incomplete without fries. Options include classic fries, chunky fries, shoestring fries and sweet potato fries.

Fokker Bros


Nothing’s more kiwi than the Kiwi Black. Beef, cheddar cheese, egg, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, Fokker sauce, kiwifruit relish & pickled red onions on a charcoal bun, what more do you need? Maybe you’re in the mood for something sweeter then the Sweet As is for you with chicken breast in buttermilk, cornflake batter, maple bacon, caramelised onions, mustard seeds & maple mayo. Game over.

Andy’s Burgers & Bar

You’ve heard the pineapple on pizza debate but what about pineapple in a burger? Take a holiday to the islands by ordering the Waikiki Pork. Smoked pork collar, BBQ sauce, pineapple relish and slaw make up this burger and what’s even better is that it comes served with fries. Why not add the nutella banana thick shake and your holiday is complete. 

 Burger Wisconsin

You made it to Wisconsin so of course you have to try the Wisconsin burger with cheese, beef patty, salad, mayo and relish. But if you want to stick to the kiwi roots get the Kiwi Classic Burger, it’s got egg, cheese, salad, beef and bacon.

Hunger Burger

The name says it all. Hungry? Head to Hunger Burger. They have a range of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers to end all your hunger. Go with the Original Mushroom with  beef, bacon, melted cheese, mushroom, salad, mayo and relish or check out one of their specials such as the Fish burger.

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