Break Up With Your Boyfriend, Marry Ariana Grande Instead

While the single thank, u next has been an anthem since its release, the album balances itself out by having some heartfelt records mixed in with upbeat bangers that make you want to pop some champagne (or wine, vodka, tequila – whatever your choice of drink is) and have a girls night.

My personal favourite is in my head. It’s a bop, but you can’t help and relate to the pain. Every girl knows all too well about falling for someone, getting too caught up in your head and realising later that they turned out to be someone different to who you thought they were. Needy also hits the heartstrings with the violin production and the fact that all any of us want is to feel needed by someone. 

But ghostin is the song that’s guaranteed to start the waterworks. The references to both Pete and Mac are noticeable, which makes it the most heart wrenching song on the album. With hauntingly beautiful lyrics, you get taken to a place where you feel exactly what she felt during that period in her life. 

Though I wish he were here instead

Don’t want that living in your head

He just comes to visit me

Dance anthems like bloodline and NASA balance the rest of the album out. Bloodline is definitely the song you listen to when you want to feel like a bad bitch and leave him on read. See case in point below: 

No, we won’t be talking the next day

I ain’t got nothin’ to say (Yeah, nah)

I ain’t lookin’ for my one true love

Yeah, that ship sailed away

Have you ever had someone tell you that they need more space and you’re like what are you an astronaut? (credit to Such a Boy by Astrid S). Well, NASA follows the same concept and you can’t help but dance along to the catchy lyrics. Who would’ve thought that needing space could be as simple as a four letter word? 

Overall, Ariana manages to make you cry and dance all in the space of 41 minutes and that’s what sets this album apart. She captures the lows that we can all relate to, while rising above it to give us hope that we’ll be okay, even if we experience a couple of heartbreaks along the way. After all, the resilience and strength that she has shown time and time again is inspiration that we can all use. 


In case you're wondering, no Pav is not short for Pavlova but my sweet tooth would argue otherwise (it's @itspav_ on Instagram). Currently in the full time world of marketing. When I'm not at work, you can find me at a gig, the gym or going on an adventure (usually outside of Australia)!

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