SUMif Gets Kinda Real On New EP | Interview

San Francisco based SUMif creates electro-pop music that makes you dig into your emotions while also wanting to get up and pull someone onto the dance floor. Her debut project Pretty Cage released last year and now she’s back with another one where she’s not holding anything back. The 4 track EP titled Kinda Real, is based on SUMif’s summer romance. It follows the story of letting someone into your world, chasing the high emotions and holding onto feelings even when it’s time to move on. SUMif describes it as “a story about a relationship from falling to letting go.”

The first track on the EP, Know You is all about day dreaming, wanting to be next to that one person you can’t stop thinking about and escaping the noise of the world. Undone is a highlight on the EP. It takes you back to a time where you’ve been with someone where you create your own world and get lost in it exposing your vulnerable side. The focus of the project is on the discovery, exploration and learning that comes with a new relationship. Something we’ve all been through at some point in our life.

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Image Credit: Kelly Mason

How are you feeling about the release of Kinda Real?

I’m excited to get it out there into the world, the subject matter of the EP all transpired last summer, so I’m happy for it to be set free.   

Where does your passion for creating music come from? 

Music makes me feeeeel like nothing else, and my favorite feeling is being at a show with friends, jumping up and down, dancing our faces off to a great song. I want to give that experience back to people.  Writing a good song is the most euphoric top of the world feeling, only topped by playing said song live.  

When did you realise music was the thing you wanted to do?

My parents took me to see Sheryl Crow and Michelle Branch when I was 12. I had been playing guitar before then, but that show was a turning point for me. I remember vividly thinking, “THAT, that’s what I want to do.”

Some of the cities you’ve lived in include New York City, Nashville and San Fran – what role have these cities played in the type of music you create?

In NYC I grew – I discovered myself and found independence. In Nashville I was humbled – I learned confidence in my writing, the art of co-writing, how to take constructive feedback. In San Fran I found the most incredible group of friends who push and challenge me to be the best version of myself. We’ve gone on the wildest adventures together and are always there to pick each other up.  All of this has had an impact on my writing.  Every experience of my life has led me to where I am today, all a part of the journey and therefore all a part of the music.  

What do you want people to feel when they listen to Kinda Real

I hope that people relate and connect with it. In its simplest form, its a story about a relationship from falling to letting go, most people have had some sort of similar experience.  

What’s the realest advice you’ve been given?

My mom told me, “follow your heart with an eye on reality and you’ll always be happy.”

Whose currently on your “inspo” playlist?

My most recent adds have been Lennon Stella, E^ST, G Flip, and Helena Deland.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

I’ve been in LA writing a ton, so looking forward to releasing more music and playing more shows.  

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Image Credit: Kelly Mason

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