Your Ultimate Guide On How To Be A F*ckboy

Tired of girls always choosing a fuck boy and complaining? Nice guys finish last? Don’t worry buddy, we got you. In our last post we revealed 25 Ways To Spot A Fuckboi. But what if you actually want to become a fuck boy? Well, being a fuckboy requires a lot of talent so we’ve made a list on how you can become one in a few easy steps. Just remember the key is to not think about anything and have no emotions at all. Imagine how hard that is! Let’s take a moment of silence for all the fuck boys serving our country out there. Here’s your guide on how to be the ultimate fuck boy. Thank me later (ayyy drizzy drake what’s good?)

  1. Download Tinder. Swipe right on everyone. Who cares if you’re into them or not?
  2. Copy and paste a message (e.g. Heyyyy) and send to everyone
  3. Start building your bracket. Instead of basketball teams it’s going to be a list of girls in your rotation you can hit up whenever. You’re Pitbull and you got options baby!
  4. Do not learn any personal info. Remember you don’t give a F!
  5. Eventually send your number “I don’t check this app, text me 111-111-111”
  6. Sometimes number can be too much so only have conversations over Snapchat AKA no fucking commitment at all
  7. Maybe meet up over drinks once
  8. Always look at your phone when she’s talking to you
  9. Don’t text again for a while lol
  10. Follow on IG
  11. Watch her IG story every day just to confuse the fuck out of her
  12. Like all the Instagram posts but never initiate contact
  13. Post snapchat stories of you and the boys out partying on the weekend
  14. Hit her up after months of silence
  15. Just say “sorry my phone died” / “busy with work”
  16. Send your Soundcloud link at some point
  17. Drake lyrics are mandatory for IG captions
  18. Gotta have some Yeezy’s on you
  19. Wear a cap backwards
  20. Post photos with every girl you know except the ones you’re hooking up with
  21. Remember to like photos on IG when she texts you. You’re too busy to reply to texts but not too busy to like random photos on IG (100% she’ll be checking your recent activity)
  22. When you’re wasted during a night out, send a text to your rotation list such as “u up”.
  23. Make her come out to wherever you are and when she arrives don’t talk to her. This will drive her wild.
  24. If she tries to talk to you just say “why are you being weird?”
  25. The more confused you make them the more questions they’ll have making them come back time after time
  26. Say you don’t like PDA
  27. Reply to their story after not talking for months
  28. No sober meetups
  29. Tell all your boys you smashed
  30. Post a shirtless gym pic with an irrelevant caption
  31. Don’t be seen together during the day time
  32. Post about material things such as cars/ sneakers/ watch/ clothes to hide your insecurities.
  33. Send a random text every other day so you know what fish are still swimming in your rotation pool

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