5 Things To Watch On Netflix This Week

As the cold weather approaches it means more time to spend curled up in bed and not feel bad about it. Now the real question is what should you watch? Grab your favourite snacks, we’ve got you sorted. Here are some things to watch on Netflix this week.

1 Someone Great

Having recently broken up with her boyfriend and being offered a job in San Francisco, Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) decides to have the best last day in New York City with her friends (Brittany Snow, DeWanda Wise). It’s a feel good rom-com perfect for a night in with your girls and wine.

2 The Last Summer

High school’s over. Now what? Follow Griffin (KJ Apa) and friends as they try to figure out their future over the summer before college. A story about closing chapters, opening new ones and finding your true passion.

3 Quicksand

If you’re looking for some mystery and thrills Quicksand is for you. It involves teenage love, murder, loss and betrayal. Sidenote: you’ll need to turn your subtitles on for this one, this tv show is from Sweden.

4 The Perfect Date

Noah Centineo. Is there anything else left to say? His character Brooks is in his final year of high school and getting into an Ivy League college is on his mind. There one problem – how is he going to financially afford it? With the help of his friend he creates a plan which involves him going on many dates in order to fund his college dream.

5 Lady-Like

What happens when your best friend gets a boyfriend? Lady Like follows two best friends in college and how their relationship changes when someone else (a boy) gets in between them. Another one to watch cuddled up with your bestie and say “that’ll never happen to us.”

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