Gavin Haley On His New Single, Tattoos And The Lakers | Interview

It’s not often you hear about a pro-cyclist turned musician, but Gavin Haley is exactly that. While having a successful career in cyclocross in Europe he suffered a collapsed lung which led him to a drastic career change. Turns out everything happens for a reason because he got to focus on his passion for music which led to over 3 million organic streams and getting signed to Red Bull Records. We chatted to Gavin about the release of his single 96, the new definition of a “finish line” and the Lakers!

Hi Gavin! Where in the world are you right now?

I’m in LA right now 🙂

Congrats on the release of 96. What are some things you love now that you’ll love til you’re 96? 

Music, the sun, fruit, good energy  

We see you’re a lover of fruit – you even gave out apples and bananas with merch. What’s your favorite fruit? 

Hahahaha I didn’t even see this before writing my answer above. It depends on the season but in summer there’s really nothing better than a watermelon with some lime on top. Crazy. Coconut is a close second favorite.

How does it feel being able to experience the athlete life and now the musician life? 

I now know fatigue in every area. No, I’m playing. It’s been an adventure. They are very different areas but hard work crosses over and its been a dream to watch this unfold.

(FYI: Gavin placed 11th at the 2015 Junior World Championships in Tabor, won the Milton Keynes Junior race in 2014 and Junior race at the third World Cup in 2014 and reached the podium at the 2014 Superprestige Spa Francorchamps)

What are the similarities or differences in the lifestyles?

As an athlete I really didn’t have a social life. Coming to LA wasn’t a shock as much as it was me really finding out what I liked to do besides riding bikes. I didn’t really try and think of all the things I missed or what was different, I just treat everyone the same and I’m happy to be here. I wanna bring that energy to everyone through my music.

Do you have a new definition of what a “finish line” is?

Thank you for these questions. For real. There isn’t one for me. I wanna get better until I’m not able to, in everything I choose. 

You’ve travelled a lot in your career, what’s a place you would go back to over and over?

Man, it’s such a blessing to live in California. People don’t realize this place has so much to offer. Northern California is probably my happiest place on earth right now. 

What’s the story behind your first tattoo?

“I am.” I’m letting this happen now. Move out of your own way & allowing source energy to reflect through you. “I am” is me being vocal with that understanding. No separation between what we want and have.

You’re a fan of basketball – what team do you support and what are your predictions?

Again, good question. So refreshing. Los Angeles Lakers is my squad, but after the year we had and how management treated some of the young players, I’m a bit upset. But imma still support my guys. Lakers are gonna make a deep playoff run next season LeBron James and Lonzo Ball making waves. 

How are you feeling about Space Jam 2?

I’m feeling good about it. Warriors blew 3-1 lead because of LeBron. He can handle some monsters.

Lastly, hit us with your best ocean fact. 

Scientists say that 46 percent of the mass of the garbage patch comes from fishing nets alone. Ocean facts baby. We gonna correct.

Listen now here.

(Image Credit: Danny Lane)

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