42 Post Malone Captions For Your Next Instagram Post From Hollywoods Bleeding

Post Malone is back with another album. You know what this means? More lyrics to use as Instagram captions! His latest album Hollywood’s Bleeding is perfect break up song after perfect break up song, but that’s not all. It’s also a project full of Instagram worthy captions. Once again, Posty has delivered. Here are some of Post Malone’s best lyrics from Hollywood’s Bleeding that also work as captions for your next Instagram post. 

  1. “We’re running out of reasons but we can’t let go” – Hollywood’s Bleeding
  2. “Used to have friends now I got enemies. Used to keep them close now they dead to me” – Enemies
  3. “This shit bliss, I’m so rich. Abs like Abercrombie Fitch” – Saint–Tropez
  4. “Shit was sweet until I was a sucker. Shoutout Jonas Brothers” – I Know
  5. “When it’s past 11 that’s a different side I’ll see” – Die For Me
  6. “Wasted on Sunday. Erase you on Monday” – Allergic
  7. “Run away, but we’re running in circles” – Circles
  8. “Bud Light runnin’ through my piss” – Saint–Tropez 
  9. “Rather be single for life than fucking with you” – I know
  10. “Now your momma needs tickets to my stadium show, she love it when she hear me on the radio” – Enemies
  11. “Hollywood is bleeding but we call it home” – Hollywood’s Bleeding
  12. “Sorry that you can’t get over me. Now you’re out my life I’m so relieved” – Enemies
  13. “It’s too late to turn this shit around. Only held me down when you wanted me to drown” – Enemies
  14. “Remember when you got my ass arrested. At least when I was in jail I got some rest in” – Die For Me
  15. “Versace boxers on my dick” – Saint–Tropez
  16. “Such a long time, I’ve been waiting I’ve been waiting for a long time” – Saint–Tropez
  17. “You see me on TV you know I’m a star” – A Thousand Bad Times
  18. “I had a thousand bad times so what’s another time to me?” – A Thousand Bad Times
  19. “I said I’m sorry momma for my vices. You’ll never understand what my life is” – Saint-Tropez
  20. “We couldn’t turn around ’til we were upside down” – Circles
  21. “50 carats on my fist” Saint-Tropez
  22. “I got so many hits can’t remember them all. When I’m taking a shit look at the plaques on the wall” – On the Road
  23. “You try to give advice I don’t need it” – Saint-Tropez
  24. “Keep ’em pouring ’til I’m fucked up” – Im Gonna Be
  25. “Pumpin’ out classics, in a bat mobile going batshit” Saint-Tropez
  26. “I dare you to do something. I’m waiting on you again” – Circles
  27. “What you call a holiday I call another day” – Saint-Tropez
  28. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 shit I’m checking off my bucket list” Saint-Tropez
  29. “Seasons change and our love went cold. Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let it go” – Circles
  30. “Said you’d take a bullet told me you would die for me. I had a really bad feeling you’ve been lying to me” – Die For Me
  31. “If you keep staring at the sun you won’t see what you’ve become” – Staring at the Sun
  32. “Said you’d die for me, you’d die for me, you’d die for me. But you lied to me, you lied to me, you lied to me” – Die For Me
  33. “I’m only 24 but bitch I’ve been through it all” – On the Road
  34. “I never needed anything from you” – Take What You Want
  35. “I’m gonna do what I want when I want yeah” – Im Gonna Be
  36. “Now I’m drinkin’ again, 80 proof in my veins” Goodbyes
  37. “The lifestyle we live is too dangerous” – Internet
  38. “I make so much, spend so much and I can’t get enough” – Myself
  39. “Too much pleasure is pain” Goodbyes
  40. “It’s what it is, it’s how I live, all the places I’ve been. I wish I could’ve been there myself” – Myself
  41. “I aint rolling the dice. I aint playing to lose” – I Know
  42. “All this American dreaming everybody sick of believing” – Myself

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