Badrapper On Playing His First Festival And Biggest Hometown Show | Interview

Badrapper aka Josh Andersen is a Sydney local making big moves this year. The name Badrapper originates from him trying to rap to his beats but soon realising he should stick to producing. It all worked out because since then he has turned the heads of artists such as UZ, The Chainsmokers, Oski & HWLS. Now he’s also listed on the Festival X lineup alongside legendary artists such as Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki and Armin van Buuren. Plus in October he’s playing his biggest hometown headline show in Sydney. We caught up with Badrapper to chat about all this and more.

Firstly, congratulations on your upcoming tour and being announced to play Festival X! How did you feel when you got the news?

It was obviously quite big for me because it’s the first festival ever I got booked for. My manager gave me a call and said we got the offer. It was really really exciting for me, I’m super excited for it.

Who are you excited to see live out of the Festival X line up?

I wanna see Calvin Harris, I’ve never seen Calvin before and I want to see Trippie Redd. They’re probably my top two.

What are you looking forward to the most about going on tour?

I’m really looking forward to touring with a bunch of prestigious, successful other artists. Also just being able to test out all the new music on tour and gage the reaction, what’s going to be good and popular. Just the whole experience of it.

You’re also playing your biggest hometown headline show at the Metro Theatre in Sydney. How does it feel knowing people will be coming out just to see you?

It’s pretty surreal to be honest. Last year I did my first hometown ticketed headline show and we sold that out. That was really really surreal for me, to be able to put on this next one which is double/triple the sizeit’s really quite crazy. To get to this point and be able to put on my own show in such an iconic venue, it’s really surreal.

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Your shows are very high energy, how do you maintain that and keep control of the crowd the entire time?

I think it comes down to carefully creating my set prior to the show. Obviously there will be points where I’ll have to rethink if things aren’t going down as you’d intend. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I’m playing lots of high energy hectic bass music a good thing is to put a popular song into your set and put them in as an edit so it’ll play the main chorus or something and then you’ve got like a really heavy drop. I think that’s a good way to keep that energy and momentum going throughout the whole set, otherwise if you go 100% the whole time you’re gonna lose people.

You’ve previously mentioned that people like Rick Ross and Kanye got you into producing. Is there anyone else who is inspiring you to produce right now?

Yeah, my initial influences were I guess more hip hop producers and artists. I think now it’s more RL Grimewhose a big bass artisthas been a massive influence on me.

Speaking of RL Grime, we’ve seen you wearing the WE DID IT hoodie a lot. What influence have they had on you?

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WE DID IT has been a massive inspiration to me for sure, mainly Shlohmo actually. I think them as a collective has been really impactful, just cos I’ve felt they’re there in the same sort of way—just how they approach all their art and branding has been really on point with how I’ve been feeling as well. They’ve had a massive impact in terms of how I’ve gone about wanting to do stuff.

Lastly, you recently released Die Laughing, how did this project come about?

We wanted to create a work that resembled the direction that we’re going in. A lot of the stuff I’m doing is focused around this anarchy sort of feeling. That was the first body of work that we decided to put out. We were waiting for the right time when we had more of a clear picture where the brand and everything was going. We had a bunch of songs in the playlist that we chose from and we picked three. It all came together really naturally to be honest.

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Badrapper Tour Dates

Friday October 11th The Metro Theatre Sydney  
Friday November 29th  Festival X  Brisbane  
Saturday November 30th Festival X  Sydney  Sunday December 1st Festival X  Melbourne

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