SAINt JHN Got Too Litt Last Night | Review

Brooklyn-native SAINt JHN brought his Ignorant Forever tour to Auckland last night. He executed his “rapper behaviour” by showing up nearly thirty minutes after his scheduled time. Originally set to hit the stage at 10:00pm, there was no sight of him until 10:30pm even after fans continuously chanted his name hoping it would encourage him to come out.

Moments like this we realise why phrases such as good things take time exist. Once he blessed the stage with his presence, we were mesmerised. This was SAINt JHN’s final stop on his debut tour of Australia/NZ and you could tell his only goal for the night was to get litt. He was interacting with the crowd throughout the whole show from saying things such as “When I say SAINt JHN you say AMEN”—this got the whole crowd shouting back “AMEN” every time. On SAINt JHN’s instruction to “open it up”, a fair amount of mosh pits also started. To everyone’s surprise, multiple times SAINt JHN even jumped into the crowd to get a taste of the mosh pits for himself. He made performing look effortless as he continued to sing from the mosh pits.

The first half of the concert was filled with emotional and heart breaking love songs. The second half of the concert consisted of all the house-party and pre-game music we were there for. Highlights of the night included Brilliant Bitch, I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night and Trap. The reaction to Trap was so wild that it was played twice. One guy next to us was telling his group that this was the wildest concert he’s been to.

The song chosen to close the show was Roses – Imanbek Remix. SAINt JHN introduced it as the song that’s currently at #2 behind The Weeknd on the charts. The track currently holds the title as the most Shazam-ed song in the UK and has been placed on Spotify’s Global Top 50 and Global Viral 50 charts. It’s a song he originally released in 2016 but has recently been making big moves in the UK. It has now spent several frames inside the top 10, and it looks like it might soon give The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” a serious challenge for the throne.

With features such as Lil Baby, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Meek Mill and Lenny Kravitz on his second album Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs, we’re honoured to have witnessed his first ever show in New Zealand. No doubt he’s on his way to selling out arenas. The only appropriate word to summarise the whole night is litt.