Lockdown Life With San Holo | Interview

While in lockdown, Dutch DJ, record producer and composer San Holo has continued to bring light into our lives by releasing music for his “stay vibrant” playlist, playing Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky Festival and regularly updating fans on his mood % via Instagram. Here’s lockdown life with San Holo.

Hi San, how are you? What mood % are you at today?

Hi! I’m well, I’m currently at 80%. Went for a nice walk early in the morning which is one of my favorite ways of starting my day. 

You’re very open about updating your audience on your daily mood % and asking what % everyone is at. Why is this important for you?

I think it’s the most clear representation of how I feel on any particular day. Life has its ups and downs. And I think it’s fun and also important to share those things with fans. I have my off days as well and I think it’s something people can relate to.

Where are you spending lockdown?

I’m at home in Holland right now. And I spend a lot of my time at my little studio to make music.

How’s the weather there?

The weather in Holland is great. We’ve been getting a lot more sun which has been nice.

What are your top 3 lockdown songs?

American Football – Stay Home
Yung Lean – Yoshi City
Frank Ocean – White Ferrari

What’s been your go to lockdown meal?

Scrambled eggs

What’s been your go to lockdown drink?

Water. Gotta stay hydrated people.

What is the screen time on your phone at now?

Honestly quite a lot. I’m pretty active on socials.

How have you been passing time in lockdown?

I’ve just been writing a lot of music and spending a lot of time with my family. I was putting out one song a week for the last few weeks on my “stay vibrant” playlist but now I’m focused on working on some other bigger projects. 

You recently released the final single on the “stay vibrant” playlist. What do you hope people feel when listening to this collection?

I just hope people feel *something* and that’s really it to be honest. This is a collection of songs that are really in the moment for me. All the songs are made within a day or 2. Without overthinking it. I just want to let my mind and my emotions speak.

Your Secret Sky set was magical. How did you get the idea to light candles and have your set up on the floor?

I just wanted to do something special that was fitting for the occasion of it being for Porter. It also was the first real livestream I had done so I wanted to really stand out. When you do an actual liveshow you get to riff off of the vibe in the crowd while the crowd does the same off of your energy. With a livestream, that just doesn’t happen so I just wanted to approach the set completely differently with an interactive element. 

What was it like preparing for and performing at a virtual festival compared to a show with a live audience?

Completely different. The songs I picked and edits I made for the Secret Sky Fest set are not something I would choose to do live, because it was a bit more on the mellow side. Also, stating the obvious here but there’s no real life audience at all. I get a lot of energy from a crowd when doing a live show. With virtual shows, I have to find different ways to sustain that energy through the set.

When you dropped Crank That and Mo Bamba every one was going crazy. How do you pick what songs to include and what made you include these specifically?

I absolutely love those songs and I don’t think people understand the extent to which I do. I also love mixing things that don’t make sense together which is how I ended up with banging rap vocals over sad instrumentals.

You’ve gone from supporting Porter Robinson and Madeon on their Shelter tour in 2016/17 to playing at Robinson’s Secret Sky Fest. How does it feel to come full circle?

I have so much respect for Porter and Madeon, they truly changed my life bringing me on that tour. I felt really blessed to be a part of the Secret Sky fest. One of the most fun nights I’ve had in a long, long time.

When is the collab with RL Grime coming?

Still working on that one, we will see!

How’s your posture now?

Definitely better because I’ve been spending more time at home in a proper bed on a ‘normal’ schedule. I’ve also been seeing a chiropractor which helps too. Thank you for asking!

Lastly, any message for your fans during this lockdown?

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay blessed. Stay vibrant. ❤

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