Ella Isaacson Releases New Single Expectations ft Gallant | Interview

LA based artist Ella Isaacson released her newest single Expectations ft Gallant today. Her honest words are met with Gallant’s raw vocals and transparent thoughts—adding in the reality and hardships of a relationship. The song highlights accepting the changes within the relationships and also within yourself.  Reflecting on the song, Ella says she wanted to tell a story about coming out as who you are and how sometimes in life you start on a path or a direction and suddenly things change.

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Hi Ella, where in the world are you right now?

Currently I’m in New York with my family due to Covid-19, but usually I’m in LA or traveling in Non—Covid times!

Congrats on the release of your new single Expectations ft Gallant. How did this collaboration with Gallant come about?

I actually wrote the song a little while ago and showed it to Stargate who asked if they could produce it. Then we listened back and it was so beautiful but we just felt it needed something and we weren’t sure what and thought maybe a duet would be really special and kind of telling two sides of a story, we thought that might be really powerful. I brought up Gallant and how he really brings magic to records. Stargate loved the idea and said maybe we should just reach out to him. So he hit Chris (Gallant) with the record and he said he loved the song and wanted to try something on it. And what we got back was so special, Chris added this really emotional counter perspective on his verse and these crazy harmonies. We had met a few years ago at NYU and it was so great to reconnect on such a meaningful record. He’s such a sweet, chill guy, and it was fun getting to shoot the video with him, he just makes you feel really comfortable on set, even when you’re two old friends that have to act like a couple breaking on camera in front of a bunch of people on set.

What was it like attending NYU at a time when you were trying to find yourself? 

Good question! I grew up in a pretty conservative Jewish family so I’m sure I don’t have to explain much further I didn’t get the option not to go and at the time it was the only place I could see myself. I loved the city and what I wanted more than anything was the opportunity to just be in the studio as much as I could, which my program actually even gave me school credit for. But what I hadn’t expected is that I would find that I was surrounded by people who just think differently. A lot of NYU kids are really motivated, already diving into their careers while they’re still in school and trying to question the norm and break barriers. You get to meet a lot of awesome people like Gallant and other artists and songwriters who not only wanna create but wanna learn about the business.

What’s the first thing you’re doing when quarantine ends? 

OMG I don’t even know haha… I can’t tell if I wanna travel and go somewhere and just enjoy myself in a new place for a week or go to Sweden for a writing trip or literally go back to my apartment which I miss and see all my friends, drive down the PCH blasting music, sail, get back into the studio with all my co-writers and producers.

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