Lakshane On The Release Of His New Single Reload | Interview

Lakshane is a Melbourne based Sri-Lankan born artist you need to watch in this wave of R&B and hip hop in Australia. His self produced EP Come Alive picked up nods from Spotify and even an exclusive segment on Beats1 radio. Now rapper and producer Lakshane is back, announcing a brand new single, Reload that will be out on the 29th of May. We chatted to Lakshane to uncover the story behind Reload.

Hi Lakshane, how are you?

Doing great! Thanks for having me.

Your new single Reload is coming out on 29th May 2020. How does that feel? 

It feels good to be back creating content for sure and even better with the fact that I’m releasing music again. I just released the music video for Reload this past Monday and the track will be available to stream this Friday.

Who did you work with on this song and what was the creative process like? 

I worked with a Perth based producer called FRAAN. I found a few samples and sent them over to him, he added his spice to make that energetic beat.

What’s the story behind Reload? 

Reload is just me coming back, reloading after a little break since my last EP ‘Come Alive’. I learned a lot about myself at that time and Reload allowed me to get some things off my chest. This track expresses my ability to reset and keep going despite those barriers I encounter.

You’re based in Melbourne and have Sri-Lankan roots. How have these locations influenced your sound? 

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve been influenced by Melbourne sound. I definitely draw a lot of influence from my Sri Lankan background but my style of music definitely comes from the Toronto R&B sound that is blowing up at the moment.

Who are some artists that inspire you? 

Kanye, Drake, and The Weeknd. The Weeknd is the greatest ‘artist’ alive right now. He covers a theme, has insane production and great melodies. Drake because of his simple but effective lyricism and Kanye because he’s just the GOAT.

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should I drop an EP this year?

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Who are some people you would love to collaborate with? 

From Australia I’d love to collab with Youngn Lipz and Chillinit. International wise Saint Jhn, and maybe Drake!

You also directed the music video for Reload. What inspired you to direct it instead of getting someone else to do it? 

I’ve always directed my music videos. I feel like I can bring things to life that it’s my head. I put a lot of creativity into all my projects so it’s good to have that extra bit of control 

What can we expect from you in 2020? 

More music, and lots of it.

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