Lockdown Life With Macky Gee | Interview

DJ and producer Macky Gee recently released his fifth album It’s A Gee Thing while in lockdown. With features such as Mefjus, David Zowie, Tempa T and Axel Boy—there’s no stopping Macky Gee. Whatever stage of lockdown you’re in, Macky Gee is here to take you to another level and give you the rush you demand. Here’s lockdown life with Macky Gee.

Hi Macky, where are you spending lockdown?

At home in London, UK.

What’s been your go to lockdown meal?

Gotta love a bangers and mash!

What’s been your go to lockdown drink?

Just been smashin’ out water! Barely touched even a sip of alcohol and been trying to cut down on the fizzzzz!

The first place you’ll go when this all ends? 

Deffo holiday! It’s been hot here in the UK but still wanna get that holiday vibe going. Maybe Spain somewhere, who knows!

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Best thing that’s come out of lockdown for you?

I’ve been able to chill properly and enjoy small things, down to watching a series on TV. Sounds silly but it’s these things I just never really made time for being on the road a lot. Not that I’m complaining, but its been nice to feel a bit normal with sleeping routines and stuff like that!

What was it like preparing for and performing on Quaranstream versus a show with a live audience?

It’s cool being a user of Pioneer’s Rekordbox because its an easy way to set up cue points for sets and smash out tunes quickly in the short time you have live on the show. There’s always so many tunes to play!

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Fans in New Zealand were looking forward to your tour which was supposed to take place this month.

Ah don’t remind me! 😦 Everything was in place and I was soo hyped to be going out there and smashin’ out the tour! But it has been rescheduled to early 2021, and I’m really looking forward to it.

What’s your favourite memory of performing in New Zealand?

There are so many great memories for me in New Zealand, I can’t really put my finger on a specific moment! However, I’ll never forget my first time, the response was mind blowing! 1000s of tickets selling out in something like a minute was so mad to go through—couldn’t get my head around it!

How do you think the world of concerts and live music will change after lockdown? 

I really don’t know to be honest, I hope nothing changes! Nothing beats a massive festival with everyone going nuts when you drop a load of bangers in the set! Fingers crossed this shit just goes back to normal!

Your fifth album It’s A Gee Thing just came out. How does it feel releasing an album during lockdown?

Pretty mad to be fair! I wasn’t sure whether to release it or not whilst in lockdown and wait for it all to finish—but I took a month off shows literally before it all happened to finish up the album so it was deffo ready to be released! Was just a case of when and I’m just hoping people like it and it was the right timing really.

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How is this different from your other albums? 

It’s definitely a lot more genre friendly than my other albums. Before it would be strictly jump up tune after jump up tune. However, with this album I really feel comfortable with the versatility on it, going from cheeky hip hop skits to dubstep, house, bass house and trying to explore the DnB sub genres a bit more while still keeping the typical “me” sound that people expect.

How important is it to you to continue experimenting and deliver music fans may not expect? 

I mean who doesn’t love a cheeky surprise? I just don’t want people expecting the same thing from me all the time. It’s a tough one because people want “the old Macky Gee” sound when I make something new. When I whack in the vibe they always ask for—they say all my tunes sound the same. So it’s all about balance for me at the moment whilst not steering too far away from what seems to be working and what’s not.

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NOT THAT GUY W/ @tempa_t is OUT NOW!! 🚨

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There’s a lot going on in this album with collabs such as Mefjus, David Zowie, Tempa T and Axel Boy.  How did you decide who to collab with? 

These collabs were more about a general vibe! With David Zowie, we’d been jammin’ for a while before that anyway as he lives near my house in Kent! We ended up with a few ideas, this was the one we were happiest with and I wanted to stick it on the album. Same with Tempa T, he had been on about doing a tune for a while. We’d never met before that and we just vibed from the day we linked up and remain good friends. That, for me, is what it’s all about. Enjoying the music and the vibe and seeing what comes out of itno pressure!

Lastly, any message for your fans? 

Just wanna say thank you for all the mad love out there! I really can’t wait to get back out to you all and play to the best crowds in the world!

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