Lockdown Life With Niiko x SWAE | Interview

Niiko x SWAE exploded onto the electronic music scene with standout singles ‘Keep On Calling’ and ‘Hold Tight’. After singles ‘Flavor’ and ‘Run This Town’ reached the Top 20 of Billboard’s Dance Club Chart (#7 and #13 respectfully), Niiko x SWAE made waves across Spotify’s Dance Rising, Discover Weekly, and Top Hits Japan playlists. They’ve also performed at Coachella and opened for artists such as Zedd, Steve Aoki, and NGHTMRE. Building on their success in 2019, Niiko x SWAE have been announced as Resident DJs at Hakkasan Group for a second year in a row! We chatted to them about all this and what life has been like in quarantine.

Hi Niiko x SWAE, how are you?

We’re doing well! Just at home finishing tons of new music and creating new content for the fans!

How has your quarantine been?

It’s been good actually. We’ve figured out how to make the best out of a bad situation and have really adapted well to the quarantine lifestyle. We feel like we’re engaging with our fans more than ever and building a community while we gear up to start releasing music again.

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New pad, new energy ⚡️

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You recently moved house. How was the move? 

The move was great! We are still getting settled in and are about to build out a brand new studio at the new spot! So we are very excited.

How’s the ghost? How did you discover it? 

HAHAHAHA! The ghost’s name is George and we found him while we were hanging out upstairs on the roof. We thought we heard something coming from the storage closet and when Niiko opened it up, George flew out! He is the homie though and is super chill. Just don’t bring your girl around him or she may disappear too!

What have been your top 3 quarantine songs?

1) Retrovision—Feel Your Touch 2) Odd Mob—Wide Open 3) Lie Maschine— Mo Falk

What’s been your go to quarantine meal?

We love grilling steaks and veggies. Also we love a good burger night!

What’s been your go to quarantine drink?

Niiko: IPA

SWAE: water on the rocks

What’s the screen time on your phone at? 

You do not want to know. Let’s just say it’s more than the average hours of sleep you are supposed to get each night.

How’s your posture now?

Niiko has always been pretty good with posture… SWAE on the other hand is starting to look like his cousin the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

What’s it been like preparing for and performing on livestreams compared to live shows with an audience? 

Livestreams are a ton of fun because it has given us the chance to play tons of music that we probably would not normally play at an inperson NxS show. I think that this has allowed us to connect with our fans even more and has given us some great opportunities to try out unreleased music or ID’s. When we play live at like Hakkasan or wherever, we usually perform in a B2B style where nothing is planned and we just build off of each other. With the livestreams, we do the exact same, unless its a time slot for an online festival where we will prepare a set.

How does it feel to be announced as Resident DJs at Hakkasan Group for a second year in a row?

It feels amazing! The Hakkasan Group has treated us like family and to be on the roster with some of the biggest names in dance music is truly an honor.

Ice cream is serious business for you guys. What are some of your favorite ice cream spots? 

Shoutout to Atomic Creamery here in Newport Beach or America’s Cup (if you’re feeling fro-yo)! We film our YouTube series “The Scoop” there and they have the best ice cream in Orange County. Low key Thrifty ice cream is a 10/10 and if you only have a Baskin Robbins near you that’s not the end of the world either. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from the grocery store pints like Ben & Jerry’s or Talenti. Here at Niiko x SWAE we like to support local ice cream stores!

Kill Fuck Marry—Rocky Road, Strawberry, Cookies N Cream

Too easy: kill strawberry, fuck the ish out of rocky road and marry cookies and cream where we will have two beautiful children.

You’ve been making a lot of Tik Tok’s recently—what’s your favorite one you’ve made so far? 

Honestly a couple come to mind… the social distance dance, the choose your DJ, or the cha cha slide come to mind.

Does this mean you’ll bring back the Vine edits of you heelying? 

Lmao. SWAE broke both his arms on heelys his junior year of high school. The injury led to an early retirement from heelying so unfortunately the heelys will not be making a comeback.

If you were to plan the biggest post quarantine party—what city would you go to and what would you do? 

Vegas or Miami because they are really like our second homes. We thrive in the clubs too so we would do a huge grand reopening party either at Hakkasan or Omnia in Vegas or LIV in Miami. We would pack the house and bring some of our favorite DJ/producer friends to perform too. Tons of brand new, never before heard music would be played and too many shots would be taken!

Who are some of your favourite DJ Duos? 

The Chainsmokers, Showtek, Loud Luxury, Gallants, Side Piece, Raven & Kreyn.

What’s your current motto? 

Our motto is simple: We like to have fun here.

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