Lockdown Life With Hybrid Minds | Interview

Hybrid Minds are a dance music duo focused on making melodic drum and bass. With songs such as Touch, Higher Love and Drowning in You—the duo are known for delivering emotional, cinematic and atmospheric vibes through their music. We chatted to Josh from Hybrid Minds about new music and what life has been like in lockdown.

Hi Josh, how are you? 

Great, we are just wrapping up some music so feeling positive and enjoying the amazing weather we are getting in the UK.

Where are you spending lockdown?

Pretty much locked in the studio.

What’s been your go to lockdown meal?

Eating a lot of salads at the moment to try and stay healthy and make the most out of not having to eat on the road. I’m partial to a decent bit of Jerk Chicken though.

What’s been your go to lockdown drink?

Hard to pick one here. Been enjoying a nice gin & tonic and a few different craft beers recently.

Best thing that’s come out of lockdown for you?

It’s also been great to take a breath and evaluate what is actually important. Being able chill for a bit has really helped put perspective on things.

How have you been passing time?

Spent most time working really. Trying to make the most of the time we can— focusing on making music. Started to go on small jogs and walks in the country which has been really nice. 

What’s the difference between preparing for and performing on a livestream versus a show with a live audience? 

You don’t have to travel anywhere which is handy but it just doesn’t compare at all. There is no crowd so the vibe will never come close to live shows.

How has the lockdown impacted the way you create music

Being away from clubs has made us focus on the musical side of tracks as apposed to how have they bang in a club. 

The first place you’ll go when this all ends? 

Hopefully New Zealand to make up for the tour. Failing that, any festival will be welcomed.

Fans in New Zealand were looking forward to your shows which were supposed to take place later this year. What’s your favourite memory of performing in New Zealand?

I imagine if you ask anyone from the UK they will have the same answer here. It has to be that first trip, to witness such a strong scene on the other side of the planet is a memory that will stick with any DJ. People knowing the words to your tracks in a place you have never visited is always an amazing feeling.

What do you think about the DnB scene in New Zealand compared to the UK?

That old chestnut. You guys go mad, everything feels a bit more special in New Zealand as there isn’t an over saturation of events. Obviously the scene is bigger in the UK because the population is bigger but I feel it is more condensed in New Zealand. New Zealand is on par with the top cities in the UK for me.

How did the collab with DRS on Don’t Ever come about? 

We had been waiting for the right track to send to DRS for a long time and finally felt we had something that he would fit well on. He liked it and got straight on the vocal. It was super natural and no messing about.

Is there new music on the way? 

Yep 😀

What do you hope to achieve with your next album/EP? 

Hopefully people will like it and we will continue onwards from there. We are super proud of our latest stuff and just want to keep going onwards and upwards whilst creating music we are passionate about.

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