Belmont Boys Release Debut Single PJ | Interview

Belmont Boys recently released their debut single, PJ on Insomniac Records. Before becoming a duo, their solo careers were on the rise as Plumpy (remixed for X Ambassadors, Grayson Chance, Riff Raff) and Très Mortimer (opened for The Chainsmokers, Lil Yachty, YBN Cordae). The first song the Belmont Boys released together was BAMBU, which Diplo premiered at Burning Man and was released via Mad Decent.  They’re both influenced by Eastern European sounds, as well as those they heard growing up in the birthplace of house, Chicago. We chatted to the duo about their new single and life in quarantine.

Hi Belmont Boys, how are you?

Amazing. We’ve had a lot of time to get healthy and meditate over quarantine. 

How has your quarantine been?

First of all, we really miss a lot of our friends. However, for this project it’s the best thing that could have happened. The reset button has been pushed for the entire music industry. We’ve had real time to listen to and study house music on a deeper level. We even got started with analog synthesis and bought a Digitone. 

Congrats on your latest single PJ! How does it feel to have your debut single as a duo out?

Thank you! We have been meaning to start a duo project for many years. The energy we can deliver at sets if we’re together will be unparalleled. We just always wanted to focus on building our own things first. Belmont Boys was not possible until we matured to this stage. 

How did you guys meet?  

Elk Grove High school in gym class. We knew from Myspace that we were into DJing. Total nerd answer, we know. 

What was the process like creating PJ

 It was made in one session after Tres opened up a show for The Chainsmokers. The reaction from testing records on that huge crowd got him excited. The record was made at Goathaus which is a popular studio in Chicago for modern artists you may know. It’s funny. They mostly make hip hop there but Tres comes in and lays down house records. 

How did it feel to see Diplo playing the track live on a Mad Decent stream? 

Diplo is the homie. He put us in the mix with Bambu and now we’re honored to have someone so legendary in the industry supporting our work. 

How would you describe your sound? 

Our sound pumps. It is uniquely eastern European influenced. It’s foreign, but not too foreign. Just right. 

What should we expect from your LP?


What have been your top 3 quarantine songs?

Juice WRLD – Floor It / Tensnake – Hello? / Park Hye Jin – Like This

What’s been your go to quarantine meal? 

Raw juicing.

What’s been your go to quarantine drink?

Matcha latte with oat milk and agave syrup. Mmmmmm.

Since you grew up in Chicago—what are some of your favorite pizza spots in Chicago? 

Reno in Logan Square is our favorite. The Spanish Monster pizza. However, there are so many good ones.

What are some of your favorite hot dog spots in Chicago? 

To be honest with you we do like sushi. Just playing, the Weiner Circle is the only worth mentioning.

What’s your current motto? 


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