LIKE TYE Will Be That Man | Interview

After the undeniable chemistry formed between R&B artists, Tyler Rivers, and Ty Rome, when they collaborated on their well-received single ‘Better Than My Ex’, the artists are now back as a duo under a brand new moniker that goes by LIKE TYE. The duo have just released their debut single where they let you know that they’re ready to Be That Man. We chatted to the duo about how this all came about.

Hi Tyler and Ty! How are you?

Ty: Good thanks how you going!

How’s the lockdown been for you both?

Ty: It’s been good.

Tyler: Real good. Been a great time to create and develop.

Ty: Yeah we have definitely evolved and grown a lot during this time.

How did you guys meet?

Tyler: We actually met through our now manager, Jayson Brown. I was working with him on my solo career, and he introduced me to Ty as he wanted to make music.

What made you want to form the duo LIKE TYE? 

Tyler: We were having so much fun making music together that we just came up with the idea one day and rolled with it!

What has it been like working as a duo vs working solo? 

Ty: I think it’s a lot better. Two minds having input and two different sounds coming together.

Tyler: Yeah double the ideas, double the fun hahah

Congrats on your new single Be That Man! How did this song come about?

Tyler: It actually happened on a day we were feeling so blocked creatively.

Ty: Yeah I remember we were in the studio one day and couldn’t really connect with anything. Then we put on this beat and it just happened.

Tyler: Yeah it was like magic.

The beat has a throwback 2000’s R&B vibe. Who were some artists you listened to growing up that have influenced your sound today?

Tyler: Ne-yo and Usher, very soulful influences I sometimes draw inspiration from when I am producing for us.

Ty: Chris Brown and Usher for me. I’ve drawn a lot from their songwriting, especially during lockdown time when we were hard at work!

How do you come up with the content and themes for your songs?

Ty: It’s really an organic process to be honest. We’ll normally flip through sounds if Tyler is producing something, or be going through beats other producers have sent us. All of a sudden something will click and one of us will have an idea and we’ll just roll off that. 

How would you describe each other’s creative process in one word?

Tyler: Fast

Ty: Efficient

What are your favourite sneakers? (seen you rocking some heat on IG)

Ty: Haha thank you. I love my Jordans.

Tyler: I’m a classic guy, my go to are Air Force Ones. 

Is an album on the way?

Ty: We can’t say yet but just know we have A LOT of new music coming soon. 

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