Party Pupils On Quarantine, New Music And Goals | Interview

Party Pupils is the collaborative project from pop star MAX (Max Schneider) and producer Suave Yung Blanc (Ryan Siegel). Describing their music as Future Funk, the duo say it’s a genre they enjoy a lot. Their music is made for dancing, for celebrating, and overall having fun in whatever capacity possible! You’ll know them from their funky remixes such as Ms. Jackson and Pony. From releasing their debut EP Neon From Now On to collaborating with Oliver Heldens on Set Me Free, Party Pupils have been on an epic journey this year. Along the way Max also became a Dad—congrats Max!! We chatted to Ryan about all this and more.

Hi Ryan! How are you?

Doing great!! Max just became a Dad with his wife Emily so he’s chilling with his little one, and I’m isolated at home working on a whole lot of new music. 

How was quarantine for you guys?

It’s been really productive actually. We’ve been on the road pretty much nonstop for the last 4 years, and would’ve been this year as well with no end in sight. As much as we would’ve loved that, having a break to work on and finish new music was a blessing in disguise. 

All your performances at virtual festivals were iconic! Loved your energy, dance moves, the outfits and overall just seeing you guys have a good time. What was it like preparing for the virtual festivals compared to live shows?

Thanks so much! We adjusted fairly quickly to the virtual livestream world, because no matter what the setting is, we enjoy what we do. Obviously not having a crowd energy to feed off of makes it less exciting, but I think we just imagined them in our heads the whole time.

Recently you did your first set in virtual reality—what was that experience like? 

It was really fun and easy actually. Our friend and one of my favorite artists George Clanton runs an incredible DIY operation out of his house for his label 100% Electronica and has been doing virtual reality festivals of his own since before the pandemic. I had wanted to do one since I met him, and he finally invited Pupils to be a part of it. It was shot on a green screen in 30 min, and then George built this amazing virtual island around me. I’ve watched it like 6 times in VR because it’s so fun. 

What are some things you’ve learnt about Party Pupils through quarantine and these experiences?

I think we’ve learned a lot about how to adapt as artists and producers. Playing live has always been a huge part of what we do, so not having that made us focus on other things we’ve wanted to do, like more collaborations, producing and writing for other artists, etc. It also taught us patience!  

Have you gained a different perspective or vision on the journey you want to take Party Pupils on?

The Party Pupils journey has always been based on one core value, which is having fun. Whether it’s a nightclub, a festival, or Red Rocks, the goal is to enjoy the ride. 

How did you come up with the The Roast of Party Pupils idea to celebrate your debut EP? Who do you think had the best roast? 

Max and I both constantly roast each other, so we thought it would be a lot of fun to get celebrities to roast us. I think maybe the Gilbert Gottfried one might be our favorite. He’s just so outrageous. 

You’ve compared DJing to stand—up comedy. If you could pick one comedian to swap lives with a day who would it be? 

I’d probably want to be Jerry Seinfeld for one day, mostly because I want to see his full car collection and what a day in his life is like. 

Congrats on the release of Set Me Free with Oliver Heldens! How did this collaboration come about?

Instagram DM! Haha. Seriously. I messaged him in early 2019 saying we were fans, and he wrote back saying the feeling was mutual, which was a total trip. We got together in LA the next day with another favorite producer of ours, Lenno, and we just jumped right in. 

What is the first song being played from this USB?

I keep having visions of walking out to the first packed festival crowd and opening with “Set Me Free” because the lyric is so relevant. We all want to be set free right now. And when we are, I think the crowds are going to be even more off the wall. 

Who are some people still on your dream collab list? 

So many. Disclosure, Kaytranada, Pomo, sofiTukker, Channel Tres, SG Lewis, T-Pain, and a whole bunch more I’m blanking on. 

How do you feel about this iconic site ?

WOW! You’ve clearly done your research. Haha. I love it. No shame whatsoever. My buddy Ferzan is a true character and has been cataloguing all of my ugly face photos I send him for over ten years. Well worth any loss of attraction from anyone to have that on the Internet. 

Lastly, any progress on figuring out why fast food wrappers aren’t edible by now?

LOL still wondering what’s going on with that technology! 

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