Bay Dreams 2021 Was ON | Review

With rain and thunderstorms forecasted for Bay Dreams at The Mount, it looked like it was going to rain on our parade. As Bay Dreams was looking more like wet dreams there were questions around whether it was still worth going. But after taking a look at the line up again it was clear the only option was to go and make the most of it regardless of the weather.

Upon arrival everyone was covered in ponchos and raincoats #fashun. It felt like the middle of winter and crazy that we were all out ready to get wet. Thankfully, the rain didn’t last long as the sun decided to come out and join us for the big dance. By the end of the night the floor was filled with ponchos. Rain who?

We hit the Canopy stage first and it was ON. With Fairbrother, Flowidus, Deadbeat and Holy Goof all playing back to back there was no time to think—just dance! They were all so good it felt like the main event but we had to remind ourselves this was only the warm up for the big night ahead!

After all that dancing, it was time for a break. Mitch James was on the Field of Dreams stage to slow things down and bring those chill vibes helping us to recharge our energy before things got hectic. Dimension hit the stage next and it was time to rave like never before. He played all his hits including his latest release Offender which turned the energy of the crowd to another level. Mosh was ON.

Peking Duk followed featuring a range in their DJ set from Drake to WAP. It was their own songs such as Wasted and High that got the crowd going. Adam was having the time of his life skulling drinks on stage to celebrate being out of quarantine. Peking Duk ended on a high note but we definitely prefer their live shows over the DJ set.

Next up was the biggest decision of the night—stay for Montell 2099 or go to Friction. Why not both? We found ourselves running to Friction first and glad we did because it was ON. Friction said he’s calling 2021 “twenty twenty won-derful.” If Bay Dreams is anything to go by, we’re on board. By Your Side is still ringing in our heads.

Then we ran back to Montell 2099 wishing Netsky would make an appearance since he’s in the country and came out at R & V. Those wishes came true as he hit the stage during Mixed Emotions and also came out during Sub Focus for Destiny. After watching all his livestreams in lockdown, it was surreal to see him in real life. At one point Dimension, Netsky and Montell 2099 were all on stage together and it truly felt like a dream. Turns out Netsky is here until March and possibly announcing a tour soon and Wilkinson is on the way in May #blessed. Sub Focus came out to close the festival and stole the show with all his iconic hits. The energy of the crowd was out of this world.

Overall, the only suggestion would be for Peking Duk to swap with Friction so he didn’t clash with Montell 2099 but guess that’s all part of the festival experience. If there isn’t a clash between your faves is it even a festival? Also surely the festival can finish later than 10:30pm?

Given the current circumstances around the world, it’s amazing international acts were secured for the festival. Grateful to live in New Zealand where we can enjoy festivals and have artists who are willing to come out and quarantine to play shows. Bay Dreams was definitely ON.

(Thank you Bay Dreams for tickets)