Hybrid Minds In New Zealand | Interview

Over the past few years British drum & bass producers Hybrid Minds have broken out as one of the most important acts in the scene. Last time we chatted the conversation was about Lockdown Life with Hybrid Minds. Now, nearly one year later they’ve made it out and landed in New Zealand for tour. How good! This time we chatted to Matt about their upcoming tour, the dnb scene today and reflected on the ups and downs of this past year.

Hi Matt, how are you? 

I’m really good, super happy to be out of quarantine. Very grateful to be here.

Very excited to have you in the country! What was the flight over and quarantine experience like?

We had it very good to be honest, blessed we got a 5 star hotel, it could of been much worse. 

Last time I interviewed you guys I asked what’s the first place you’ll go when this lockdown situation is over and the answer was New Zealand.  Now you’ve made it to the other side! How does it feel? 

It’s like nothing else, its very surreal.  We are living in the moment and cherishing it all before we have to head back. 

You posted a very emotional photo getting out of the quarantine – what was the first thing you guys did to celebrate?

I wish I could say we kept it classy but we went to an Irish pub and got really drunk.

Last year you had to postpone your tour and show at Printworks – how did you keep yourself motivated through the ups and downs to keep going?

It’s been emotionally challenging for sure but we kept ourselves busy to try and counter any negative thoughts. New Zealand’s situation has been super inspiring to see and has given us guys in the UK a lot of hope for the future. 

You’re now back on tour kicking off this Saturday with Welcome to the Jungle. How are you feeling finally getting to play in front of a live audience?

Really nervous, but excited also. I imagine / hope once I’m up on stage I’ll be like a duck to water.

Looking at your Spotify stats – Auckland is a top location for you – what do you think about the DNB scene in NZ today?

It’s been great to see it go from strength to strength, it’s up there with the UK in terms of vibes, it’s awesome to see. You guys just put all your energy into shows and that energy radiates though videos etc, it will only continue to grow I reckon. 

Your song Touch is currently at 22M streams on Spotify and was #31 on the George FM biggest bangers – what’s it like having a song that’s taken off and still doing numbers?

It’s been crazy to see how much that track has grown, we could of never imagined in our wildest dreams it would be where it’s at today, we are incredibly thankful, also thank you for the plays ! Haha

What are your thoughts on NFTs and the future of music? 

To be honest, we’ve only just heard about NFT’s so we leave that to our manager to think about, he’s super on all that stuff.  The future of music is super promising though, so much going on, a lot of boundaries been broken,  it’s an exciting future for sure.

Let Me Hold You is basically the song everyone needs right now with everything going on in the world. What was it like creating this song and working with Netsky? 

We have been fans of Netsky for quite a while so it was great to create something together. It fell into place very easily to be honest, he’s very easy to work with, great guy.

Netsky is also in the country, have you had a chance to catch up with him yet?

We have been chatting and have plans to go out for a drink soon, can’t watch to have a catch up.

Are you ready for DNB day on 17.4 (April 17th)

Very much so, day off for everyone. A big thank you to the Queen there.

Lastly, what are some things you’re looking forward to doing while you’re in NZ? Did you check out any of the America’s Cup action? 

We did check out some America’s Cup, was awesome. We are looking forward to seeing some of the sights, it’s a beautiful country.

Grab your tickets now.
20th March: Mangawhai
25th March: Dunedin
2nd April: Christchurch
3rd April: Hamilton
4th April: Tauranga
9th April: Auckland
10th April: Wellington