Flowidus Premiere New Song, Rate Their Festival Outfits And Hint An Opera Remix | Interview

DJ duo Flowidus have been making iconic waves in the festival scene this past year. With hits such as By Your Side, Shelter and Reason—Flowidus are just getting started. Based in New Zealand and Australia and with Friction as their label boss, the duo are on Fire.

We caught up with Raph aka 1/2 of Flowidus at Mayhem Auckland.

You just performed here at Mayhem. How did it feel? 

I loved every minute of it, and had heaps of fun. Got to premiere our single with Amy Maynard which was awesome. We also had Tali jump on and MC the set, it’s always an absolute pleasure to have her on. 

What’s the official name of the song you just premiered and when is it coming out?   

The official name of the song is Delirium featuring Amy Maynard and it’s coming out on the 18th of June. This is probably the tune I’ve been the most excited about ever. I feel this song with Amy is just a good representation of the sound we wanna make.

How did this song come about?  

We had this little idea in the studio, and a friend of mine saw Amy play at the Yot Club which is a local venue in Raglan. He was like “bro you need to check out Amy Maynard her vocals are absolutely amazing.” So I just reached out on Facebook and a week later Amy came out and jumped in the studio. We kinda worked out a bit of an idea with the vocals and melody then that was that pretty much. 

How did the relationship with Tali come about?

Me and Tali have known each other for ages. She actually gave us one of our first legs up way back in the day when we remixed one of her songs. This was even before Flowidus, this was when I was doing my own thing. She liked a beat that I did and she said can we try convert that into a remix and that’s how the relationship started like 5 or 6 years ago. 

What’s it like working with Friction, and being on Elevate Records?

Love it. We’re constantly sending tunes to Friction and his feedback is really good, he steers us in the right direction. It’s a huge help being on the label, we were lucky enough to get in on the earlier stages and now we feel like a bit of a family on the label. 

You and Garo have been separated for a while. How was the long distance? 

(Laughs) My girlfriend gives me crap because there’s the relationship with her then there’s the “Garo and Raph” relationship. It was hard at the start because we couldn’t figure out exactly how to do it. Eventually we figured out a way then we would just bounce tunes and it just became really fluid. 

Who was calling the other person the most? 

It’s pretty mutual to be honest. But it’s like there’s no filter to when we’ll call or message each other.  I’ll be sleeping and it’ll be 4:30am and there’ll be like 18 messages come through. He’s just like “oi I got an idea, I’m jumping in the studio right now, I’m going to send this tune through.”

You travel to Australia a lot, is there anything you wish you could bring back? 

Sometimes the weather (laughs). I lived in Perth for 8 years, and one thing I can say about the Perth crew is that they were super welcoming—and so are people in New Zealand. But I just wish I could bring back some of the Australian crew to New Zealand. 

We did a deep dive into your Instagram. You guys have had some very iconic festival outfits over the years. We’ll start with Garo first, what rating would you give this? 

The shirt, you gotta give the shirt a 6.5/10 but then you go down and see his classic vintage slides. They get you through everywhere, they get you through the streets but they also get you through a festival. I’ll chuck it up to a 8.5/10 for that one, primarily because of the slides he’s wearing. 

Now it’s your turn Raph, talk us through this outfit.

This is—this is horrible. (Laughs) So we were about to go to Fiji for Spring Break. The theme was “Holiday Vacation.” I was like I’m just gonna throw it out and be your classic 40-60 year old Dad that has no taste whatsoever. I went to the dump in Raglan and found these 15ft long cargo shorts, I borrowed my Dad’s Crocs that barely even fit me and I couldn’t even get them over my heels and then I just had these weird party sunnies, and this horrible horrible red hat. The shirt I think I just borrowed from my Dad as well. I was like this is so funny people are going to crack up. Then I got to the airport to go to Fiji and I was like this is not sweet. (Laughs) I knew it wasn’t sweet when my girlfriend had an outfit where she looked cool and I was just an eye sore. 

Speaking of Spring Break, what happened here? 

(Laughs) Oh my god. You guys are pulling them out for sure. Okay, so this is just a case of lack of creativity. Everyone was doing these real nice like woven knots and stuff. No one was helping me so I got my girlfriend to tie it on me like that and there we go. 

Lastly, if you went to your girlfriend’s house and met her father for the first time—what’s the first song you would play? 

You know what’s interesting about this? I know what my girlfriend’s Dad likes. He’s the only person I’ve ever met that listens to opera music. I went to their house and I just sat there on the couch while they’re all listening to opera music. My brain wasn’t even prepared, I didn’t even know how to absorb opera music. All I can say is I’d probably butcher the first song.

What does your girlfriend’s Dad think about your music? 

He admires the music but I don’t think he’s a big dnb fan. 

What if you made an opera remix? 

Hahaha oh yeah maybe hit up Hayley Westenra and have a bit of a collab. Can you imagine that in a festival though if half way through your set you just segway a full opera moment? 

People would probably get onboard.

Yeah, actually people would get onboard! 

We are so ready for the opera remix to drop.

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