35 Best Certified Lover Boy Lyrics By Drake

Let’s be real, we’ve all searched “when is Certified Lover Boy coming out” at some point. After teasing us for months, Drake finally released Certified Lover Boy on September 3rd 2021. With 21 songs on the album and an iconic list of features, Drake has delivered once again. This not only means more songs to get us in our feels but also new captions for the ‘gram. Here are the best Certified Lover Boy lyrics by Drake.

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  1. It’s the pretty boys versus the petty boys – Champagne Poetry
  2. I might come, I might go, I don’t know – Girls Want Girls ft Lil Baby
  3. Loyalty is priceless and it’s all I need – Love All ft Jay-Z
  4. Please don’t google my net worth, the numbers are way off – The Remorse
  5. I’ve been losin’ friends and findin’ peace, but honestly that sound like a fair trade to me Fair Trade ft Travis Scott
  6. Sold that already, got a whole new set of toys – Champagne Poetry
  7. All I know is that when this cup ends, the next one begins – N 2 Deep
  8. Said you belong to the streets but the streets belong to me – Pipe Down
  9. If money’s all I need in my grave then bury me now – Champagne Poetry
  10. Under me I see all the people that claim they over me, and above me I see nobody – Champagne Poetry
  11. Told the girls to meet at Tao – In The Bible ft Lil Durk & Giveon
  12. I only vibе with a payday – Girls Want Girls ft Lil Baby
  13. I did my dance one time on TikTok and went viral with it – In The Bible ft Lil Durk & Giveon
  14. My soulmate is somewhere out in the world just waiting on me – Champagne Poetry
  15. Say that you a lesbian, girl, me too – Girls Want Girls ft Lil Baby
  16. See the watch collection and assume I got time – 7am On Bridle Path
  17. Every single move is like rolling dice on the board – Champagne Poetry
  18. Never had a lot, this is all I need – Love All ft Jay-Z
  19. You should just thank us, humble yourselves a little bit – Love All ft Jay-Z
  20. Windows of opportunity let me go through the doors – Champagne Poetry
  21. Could at least keep it a buck like Antetokounmpo – 7am On Bridle Path
  22. Under a picture lives some of the greatest quotes from me – Champagne Poetry
  23. I’m standing at the top, that’s how I know you never seen the top – Papi’s Home
  24. The finish line is where I like to pull up and start from – The Remorse
  25. You tell ’em I run the country, they’ll say, “true, though” – 7am On Bridle Path
  26. I’m just pourin’ up the shots – Papi’s Home
  27. Just touched down, I was lights out in Vegas – Love All ft Jay-Z
  28. Cannot play a player, bae – Girls Want Girls ft Lil Baby
  29. You know the price of everything but the value of nothing – Love All ft Jay Z
  30. You get Drizzy on a track, he’ll put you on the map – No Friends In The Industry
  31. Tell the coach don’t take me out, I like to finish games – Knife Talk
  32. Uno, dos, tres, in a race, they can’t hold me – Fair Trade ft Travis Scott
  33. I had to draw the line between my brothers and my enemies, a fact – No Friends In The Industry
  34. The greatest in the world, there’s no debatin’ – 7am On Bridle Path
  35. How I’m supposed to wife it? You not Ayesha enough – Race My Mind

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